I had to reblog this amazing post by Walaa Rashwan.  It reminded me of a blog that I wrote about the 5 Ways To Turn Your Woman On.

  1. Manual Labor
  2. Elevate Your Mind
  3. Cuddle & Kiss With Your Woman
  4. Cook For Your Woman
  5. Romance

In her post, she highlights the 21 things men can do that turn women off. Which is a true contrast to what I wrote. It gives men a perspective on both fronts. A woman’s perspective (Walaa), and a man’s perspective (Jay).

A few points from her post that stand out to me…

He says he will take care of something but doesn’t

There’s nothing worse than a man who doesn’t stick to his word. I teach my sons, “If you can’t keep your promise, don’t promise.” As a man, your word is your bond. It is part of what defines you. In other words, your reliability must be A+. Women are big on being with a man they can trust. A man who will turn his words into actions and stick to what they said they’d do.

He refers to old arguments and holds my words against me after so long

I said there’s nothing worse than a man that doesn’t keep his word. Add to that, a man that either, “keep score,” or one that uses old information as leverage against her in an argument. I never do this, because it is one of my relationship pet peeves. So this point resonates with me. However, I can say, that as a young man, I wasn’t always the most reliable. I always felt like there was something more important for me to do. So I’d make promises I couldn’t keep. I’ve learned since then that you can’t do this to your woman (much less) anyone else.

That being said, while you may never forget what someone told you (or did), bringing it up during an argument is the worse time. It’s like you’re throwing a live 10 pound fish at their face.  They’ve trusted you and have given you personal information—and you use it as justification, or weight to tip the proverbial scales in your favor.  You want to quickly lose your woman’s trust, or have her shut down on you? Keep rehashing the past for leverage in an argument.

It’s Your Turn

So, fellas, you’re getting the full spread here. 21 ways to not be an annoying mofo—and 5 ways to make your woman happy. With these two, you can’t go wrong.


21 Things You Do That Turn Women Off – (What SHE Wouldn’t Tell You)