Alpha Males Are The Best Right?!!

Most women seem to want an Alpha Male.  Although this may be true, let’s talk about all the other types that never get mentioned.

When I say…”types,” I simply mean, alpha, beta, gamma, etc.  There is nothing simple about these definitions.  Based on multiple conversations I’ve had, a lot of people have their definitions incorrect.

So, as much as I don’t like to define anyone, this is a great topic to discuss.

I Had To Do My Research

In a recent poll I conducted (of 400 women) 343 chose Alpha Male as their suitable partner.  That’s 86%! Leaving only 14% that chose all the other male types.

This really concerned me.  Could most women be searching for the same type of man? Don’t they know that Alpha Males make up less than 12% of the total population on the planet earth? At least by definition they do.  Could this be why some of these women are single? Could it be… they are eliminating the other men in search of an Alpha, and then saying, “they can’t find a good man?” I believe there is something to this.  It could be that many women don’t know there are other types of men out there that would be a better fit for them, versus an Alpha Male.  Perhaps an Omega? Very similar to an Alpha, but also very different.

Some Women Said…

“I choose, Alpha male because I’m an Alpha Female. I’m strong, I’m aggressive, and I like to be in control. Therefore only Alpha Males can make be subordinate.”

“I definitely have to say an Alpha man is the best counterpart for me since I’m without a doubt an Alpha woman. I’m dominate and require jurisdiction over 70% of our union. A true Alpha man is comfortable in his own skin, isn’t needy. Their open to constructive criticism and conceivable change. I can appreciate not having to coach them along.
But know this… a true Alpha man is almost extinct in this day and age.  In my opinion… An Alpha/Alpha relationship will only survive if it has an abundance of chemistry and communication. The rest is gravy!”

“I would say Alpha for me cause I tend to be stubborn and selfish at times. I need some one that won’t yes me to death.”

“Alpha..i need to be silenced sometimes n a weak man I’ll run over like I’m in the Olympics”

” I’m going to say an Omega man since they are typically the same as alpha except they don’t need constant social interaction (groups egging them on) omega man can power up alone. His strength comes from within not from the people around him. He’s not looking to dominate he just does!”

Please watch the video below, then let me know (in the comments section) what type of man you believe is the “type” for you.  Also, why do you believe so many women want an Alpha Male?