In my first post Chronicles of a Serial Dater Part I, I talked about my adventures becoming a serial dater. In addition, I also eluded to losing my virginity to an older woman, and my first year of college with a woman named Rosario.

Rosario taught me a lot during my freshman year. Mostly about how shy I was around women. Particularly, raw as ever and wet behind the ears were the best phrases to describe my mentality. I would tense up anytime she came around.

Even when Rosario graduated I still had this shyness around women. Somehow, these same women found that aspect of my personality attractive. It was like they were traversing on fertile ground and harbored sheer excitement at the fact that they’d be the first to plant their seed.

I am a Serial Dater

As a matter of fact, let’s fast forward to my late freshman/early sophomore year and I’m becoming a bit more grounded with the new culture and unfamiliar digs. At the same time, I was learning rather quickly that Southern Belles had a way about them that was vastly different than Northeastern women.  Needless to say, I became enamored with at least three women on campus.  All of which, were from the South.

Uneducated on the process of being a Serial Dater, I ventured off with all three.  I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Furthermore, they all knew about each other and I was thrilled by the idea of three women showing interest in me at the same time.

Under those circumstances, I learned more about older more mature women. For this reason, I continued to serial date and traverse my own soils. As a result, I was able to master my shyness during this time.  Don’t ask me how I did it, because I don’t even know.  Perhaps it was redundancy. Maybe it was Danielle and her acts of attrition that erected this new version of me.

Wait… did I mention Danielle?

Danielle was a very attractive athlete with naturally curly hair. Her demeanor was smooth as buttermilk with a banana tattoo on her thigh.


Danielle’s Spell

There were two other women I dated throughout college. They both knew Danielle.

Consequently, the energy I would receive from the other two (because of Danielle) was emotionally intermittent. Crazy thing, I didn’t care. I had taken three losses in high school because I cared too much — I loved too hard.  This was not going to be an encore performance. Being a serial dater was the only way.  Besides, I was young and college was supposed to be fun. Settling into a relationship was the last thing on my mind and Danielle had a no-fucks-given mentality about … everything Jay.

Did I mention she had a boyfriend at home?

Didn’t find this out until semesters later.  She’d go home and have her conjugal visits with him. I didn’t know of course, and once I found out, I didn’t care.  She wasn’t mine, and I wasn’t hers. We were just two kids having fun. That being said, somewhere along the line, we fell for each other and a baby was on the way.

More to come on that.

Serial Tastes Good

When I tell you about my previous experience understand that my mentality was different back then. I was 20ish years old. A young man. A younger man.

Furthermore, the entire experience of dating was new to me. High school didn’t count because I was a one-woman man during those four years. Dating was a foreign concept I never considered.  I was fresh as the doughnuts at Krispy Creme with the hot sign-on.  No games, no lies, no cheating — all sugar.

Nevertheless, Danielle had some witches brew that she was cooking up and feeding me. Maybe it was wrong. Then again, I was mouth wide open thankfully receiving every spoonful of her.  I was caught up and didn’t even know. Her serial was pretty damn good and saw nothing wrong with what she was selling (cause I was buying).