One of the things I’ve realized over the past year, when you’re evolving, growing, and people see you changing, they will come for you. They will try you. These people will come for your reputation, and your life, like a convict when you drop the soap.

Yeah, I said it.

Bedeviled and enchanted by their jealousy and hatred. They feel like knocking you down, will somehow build them up. Somehow it will make them feel temporary states of euphoria. This is their drug. Their figurative crack. You see them all the time on social media. Contrarian. Always disputing. Lurking like a specter in that dark corner of your closet. Instead of your closet, they lurk on your posts. When they finally respond to a post, they’re always trying to prove a point or make someone else look bad. Making it seem like something is wrong with you… when it fact, it is them.

Why? Inside they are bitter as a bottle of cheap, bottom-shelf wine.

They are in pain. Hatred-of-self is a disease that needs to be rooted out immediately.


These people will put on their best wolf outfit, and dress up like someone who really supports and cares for you. Or, someone who is an associate. When they are really trashing you subliminally. They are maiming your reputation on posts, and in conversations, you can’t see.

Remove those cysts from your life, (and your page) exorcise those demons, and watch your positive energy flow unimpeded.