This is one of my recent posts elsewhere in social media land, that I’d like to share, about dating women (or anyone) with kids.

They say, “ignorance is bliss.” When I was a younger man, I was ignorant and said…”I’m not going to date a woman with kids.” Of course, this mentality came from assuming, there would be, “baby-daddy drama.” In addition, having to take care of kids that aren’t mine, her never having time, kids always being prioritized above me, etc.

As I grew older, I actually went out on a few dates with women that had a kid or more… and I found the experience to be, “not as I thought.”

Not every woman or man [with children] has drama. Drama is not synonymous with having kids. People with children don’t want you or need you, to take care of their kids (they already have parents). People with kids make time for what they want to do outside of dating. So what makes you think they wouldn’t make time for you?

I also had to realize that if I pray for a wife, she may not come exactly as I want her.  She may come as I NEED her.  In other words, what God wants me to have. And guess what? SHE MAY HAVE KID(S).

As I matured mentally and spiritually, I realized that God’s plan isn’t always, [MY] plan. But to lead a woman, I need to be able to [follow] God’s leadership. So, I decided, I’d open up my mind, (and my dating pool) stopped trying to control everything, and take her as she comes.

As long as I’m happy with her. That’s all that matters. End of Story.

How do you feel about dating someone with children?

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