Facebook emojis, the blight on my social media life (right next to memes). The moment they introduced them, people started creating their own interpretations of what they mean, and how to apply them to a post, image, meme, video, or GIF.

Introduction of emojis left intent up to your analysis and perception. Someone posts a photo, and you reply with a heart emoji. Now, from your perspective, it just meant, “nice photo” right? But the mindset of the man looking at it is… “oh… she’s love/likes me.” I should slide into her DM now, cause, she’s feeling me.

Man listen…this thought process can be very dangerous and ego-damaging. She may just be complementary, and that’s it. You slide into her DM (with the best of intentions), thinking you’re safe—and end up crashing headfirst into reality.

So What Do Facebook Emojis Really Mean?

I’ll give you a few perspectives at a time. Male and female. Let’s go in order from left to right, as they appear on Facebook.




This is the old classic Facebook, “like” that we’ve all grown accustomed to. Back when this was the only choice you had, life seemed so much more simple. You either click, “like” or you don’t. Options have totally ruined everything, Like a buffet, multiple options aren’t necessarily the best thing for you.

The like emoji is probably the easiest to decipher because of its longevity, and history. Furthermore, other social media sites and messaging services use it as well. So, not much is left up to interpretation. Unless… you liked a photo. Then we’re back to that slide into 3rd base.




Now we’re about to get downright complex and confusing. Depending on whether you’re receiving a love emoji, or you’re sending one, the reactions can vary. In addition, the male and female interpretations can also differ drastically—like the contrast between Mars, and Venus. 

That complex Jay?

Yes, that complex.

I’ll do my best to break it down. In the dating world, I’ve known men, and women to use this emoji to send subliminal messages. They’ll, “love” a handful of photos on the person’s page. Or, anytime that person posts [anything] they “love” it.  This could be something they didn’t even read. How in the world can a person know that “loving” all these posts means you’re interested?

See… complex.

The Ultimate Confusion

Love emojis can be hard to read at times. In most cases, they’re completely innocent. Someone really likes what you posted. Or, your significant other may have seen the amount of, “love” you received (and comments). If they’re insecure, or extremely jealous, you’re in for one of those.. “we need to talk” conversations or worse.

Him: Like, c’mon… I can’t control what people do with their clicks.

Her: Well, you need to stop posting those photos. Post a photo of nature, wildlife, or food (without you in it).

Him: So…. I’m supposed to just never post photos with me for the rest of my life?

Her: Yep.

When A Woman Clicks The Love Emoji

I once asked a group of women how they show a man they’re interested in on Facebook. Over half of them said, “I like a few of his pics.” So…. if you like some of my pics, I’m supposed to know you’re interested in me? Passive/Aggressive, but I’ll go with that. However, you can see how it would be… bewildering for a man to read those, “signals.”

Furthermore, there were women who said, that they hesitate to like men’s pics because “men think you like them if you like their pics.” What this does is create a conundrum for men. We don’t know if she liked the photo because she likes us, or if she was just complimenting us. As a result, if we don’t react to all the, “love” this could be interpreted as rejection. Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you… Emoji Confusion 101.

When A Man Clicks The Love Emoji

Men can be more direct. However, we’ll use the “liking photos” tactic from time to time just like women. In most cases, when a man uses the love emoji, it is typically because he finds you attractive and that’s it. Since men are more prone to slide into a woman’s DM, the “liking pics” strategy isn’t used as often.



This emoji always makes me arch my eyebrow because I never know why they clicked on it. Especially if I didn’t post anything funny. I’ve made serious posts, and someone clicks the LOL emoji It’s vexing to me. It feels like I walked in at the end of a joke while everyone is laughing. Others will use the LOL emoji to send subliminal, passive/aggressive messages to someone who is, “throwing shade” at them. Or, someone who, “came for them.” Of course, there are those who use the emoji to be sarcastic.

Emojis are funny in that way. Their intended use has completely mutated.


Wow Emoji

I always find it funny when I see someone click this emoji because it has so many interpretations. A person makes a post, and you click the “wow” emoji. This could mean:

  • You shouldn’t have posted that.
  • Damn man (or woman) I didn’t know you were that fine.
  • That was a stupid thing to say.
  • This is the dumbest post of all time.
  • You just posted something profound and I want to share it. emoticons-facebook-meanings
  • What planet they do that on?
  • Your ass is rotund.
  • Your cleavage is showing.
  • She can see your print in those grey sweatpants
  • I can’t believe you just said that.
  • I didn’t know you like me.
  • Did you just send an unsolicited peen pic?
  • What you just said was astounding.

As you can see, the list is long, and the possibilities are endless. I receive some of the funniest DM’s you’ll ever want to see, and this is my go-to response (if I respond at all). The wow emoji is the king of Facebook emojis.


Crying Emoji


Of all the emojis, this one I find to be the most tricky. Why? Because it should be a sad face. Instead, it’s a crying face. You already know the stigma behind men and crying (so we don’t use it that often). We also know that every sad situation or melancholy post doesn’t deserve a teary-eyed reaction. So what’s my next move? I just don’t click the emoji at all.

Gone are the days of clicking, “like” for someone’s funeral, or tragic event. That’s what this emoji is for. Significant other cheated, pet Canary died, lost a job? Yes! Go with this emoji. Flat tire, long day at work, McDonald’s shake machine is down? I’d refrain from using Mr. Crying’s face.


Mad Face Emoji

Lastly, we have the mad (or angry) face emoji. You will laugh when I tell you this. I know some men who will use this emoji when a woman they’re interested in, posts a photo of herself. The comments by other posters on the photo dictate the response from the man.emojis-facebook-meanings

Here’s where we get passive/aggressive (meaning men). We will get mad because other men are commenting on your photo, but won’t actually tell you we’re interested in you. Consequently, we’ll click, “mad face” instead of sliding into your DM and telling you how we feel. Not that anything will change, but it doesn’t hurt to be respectfully expressive.

Other people use this emoji when someone posts:

  • An ignorant comment/post
  • An insensitive, or irresponsible photo
  • When frustration sets in
  • During a Facebook debate/argument
  • When other women click the love emoji on one of her man’s photos (yes this happens)
  • When someone posts an inappropriate comment


Don’t Use Emojis To Represent Feelings For Someone

When all is said and done, choose wisely. If you’re interested in someone, you can “love” their photos, but don’t expect them to know that means you’re interested. Instead, reach out to them with a few lines via DM. Let them know you like something about them. It could be the way they post, what they post or something about their photos. Using emojis to communicate doesn’t work well when it comes to initiating conversation. Oh and… one other thing…

…they definitely confuse the hell out men.