1. Manual Labor

As a matter of fact, women love a man who isn’t afraid to get dirty. However, a man who knows his way around a toolbox, a lawnmower, or even better, a car. Get out there, get sweaty, let her bring you a cold one or some lemonade, and pay attention to how she looks at you.

At this point, she’s turned on and you never even had to touch her.


2. Elevate Your Mind

Man-reading-book-to-learn-more-for his woman
Photo Credit: Jasmin Quaynor

All things considered, women love intellectual men who think outside of the box. Read and create a conversation based on what you read. Become cultured. Go to museums, art exhibits, watch documentaries, etc. Do what you have to do to expand your mind. But please stop talking about sports (even if she’s a sports lover), cars and money. Talk about how passionate you are about other topics outside of NBA free agency and the upcoming NFL season or what “things” you want to buy. Women expect you to talk about things like that. Go outside your box. Women melt over men who have applied thinking skills. This is how you turn-on her mind. Sort-of mental foreplay if you will.


3. Cuddle and Kiss With Your Woman

Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Kiss and cuddle! But do not. I repeat.. Do not, have sex or even attempt. Do it just to please her. Not for foreplay purposes. Just give her what she wants and needs. A warm body to feel close too, protected by. But not just anybody… your body! You’ll be surprised that she might be the one initiating foreplay at that point. That being said, let her lead the way on this one. She may, after all, only need you to hold her.


4. Cook For Your Woman

Photo Credit: Andrew Itaga

I can’t overstate this enough. A man who knows how to cook and even more so… a man who knows how to grill will turn on almost any woman. Nothing like a man on a grill or a man in the kitchen serving his woman. Something about a man using his hands ever so delicately in a circular motion that appeals to a woman… can’t figure out why. I guess there’s a certain sensuality to it for a woman.

Check out this video and article.


5. Romance

Woman and man riding bicycles together
Photo Credit: Everton Vila

Above all, this is probably the most important way to turn your woman on without foreplay.  Nothing says… I love you like a man who can create a romantic moment for a woman. Something well thought out and original.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either. Some women are very simple and love small gestures. For example, I’d find parchment paper and write a personal note to my girlfriend (handwritten) and mail it to her job once a month. She loved the originality and small gestures. So I could get really creative with it.

Sometimes, we can overthink it. And sometimes, when overthinking it, we get frustrated and just do the typical dinner and a movie routine.  Get creative! Instead of dinner and a movie, try a picnic in the park.

Open Your Eyes and Ears

In conclusion, We as men have to make sure we really listen to our women and pay attention to their cues. Do not do what you see on TV or what someone tells you to do. Always remember, your woman is unique and deserves the treatment that reflects this. If you listen, she’ll give you all the material you need to turn her on without foreplay.

Don’t worry… You got this.