When it comes to sex there’s a reason why it was considered the forbidden fruit. I just chuckled because I wrote a blog wishing I had waited until marriage. Yes, I meant it. Sex is and has been a problem for so many people.  It blurs your vision and keeps you from focusing on what’s right in front of you. Rather than your attention being on character traits and red flags, you’re fixated on carnal pleasures and orgasmic redundancy.

Been there before?

Right now you’re nodding, yes. That good cactus is amazing based on what women say and have done to get it.

You know what I’m talking about.  The kinda cactus that has you missing work and crossing state lines knowing you have that ankle bracelet on.

Don’t laugh… cause you’ve been a victim to the power of the cactus and still went back for more.  You were like, F-it! Nothing in life matters when it’s that good. You’re jumping off cliffs, breaking speed limits, kids calling your name talking bout they’re hungry and want some Fruit Loops. Calling out from work, making 3-course meals (knowing you don’t like to cook). That’s called being absolutely counterproductive and under the spell of some good cactus.  To emphasize, even good sanctified Christians are living in sin over it.

You know the saying…

Lord, just this once.

Sound familiar?

Furthermore, we both know it never ends there. Once turns into multiple late-night visits, back seats, bathrooms, and back shots.

Cactus is Addictively Dangerous

If you’re fornicating your butt off, I’m not judging you — I’m giving you a heads up (no pun intended). Similarly, a friend of mine said that good cactus should come with a warning sign hanging from it.


Jay, I was dating this guy, and against all my rules I laid my butt on that bed and went spread eagle.  When I tell you it was so good that I saw yellow moons, orange stars, pink hearts, and green clovers, I saw them! You can’t tell me otherwise.  From there this man had me purchasing a whole car, investing in failed businesses, having sex in parks, bathrooms, and restaurants.  I was out of my mind because it was the best sex I ever had. He was definitely not the one for me with his cheating ass and I persisted because I was di_kmatized. Hypnotized like that dude in Get Out I was drowning and sinking in his sweat on the regular. Apparently, he had a lot of women in the same state I was in except he wasn’t using a tea cup, he was using his magic stick and all those techniques. No matter… it happens to the best of us, but I wish there was a sign that told me how it good it was beforehand so I could avoid it at all costs (at least in the beginning).

Nevertheless, many of us have made some questionable decisions with sex on the brain.  Needless to say, if we had waited, those same decisions may have come out differently.

Uncover the Basics

That being said, would it be so hard (no pun intended) to wait a bit before engaging in sexual acts? Ok, I know that answer but you get my point. At least take some time getting to know the basics about a person first. Ask some of the tough questions most people avoid within the first few interactions.

After you have it, sex can be the ultimate overcast cloud that won’t go away. You keep standing there waiting for the sun to show, and it ain’t coming (get your mind out of the gutter) because you failed to check the weather before going out (or going in).

Remember, your visual acuity is distorted, decision-making skills and discernment levels are lowered during and after sex.

Let me rephrase that…

Visual acuity distorted, decision-making skills and discernment levels are lowered before and after (good) sex.

My advice, don’t get caught up.