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If you don't know who I am, or you haven't visited us before, (starts to play Jay-Z's PSA Interlude 🎶🎵🎶) "allow me to reintroduce my name is Jay," and this is Relationships Etcetera™ A.K.A = RE. I'm a Relationship Strategist™. The one and only of my kind. No, I'm not an endangered species, but what drives me to reach my endgame like Spaniard from Gladiator, and created this person that I am today, is uniquely-savage, definitely impassioned, and divinely purposeful. As a result, you see the fruits of past toils, lessons, and experiences, all destined to run the red light and collide head-first at the same intersection on this very site.


Days Evolving Minds

The What

3 years ago, my vision was to help those that are single and ready, or currently in a relationship navigate the complex landscape of Love, Dating, and Relationships. With the help of my team, we consistently do this by providing "strategy-philosophy," not hardcore rules or concepts. A template anyone can customize. Oh, and we're good at what we do!


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The level of support we've received from our followers, readers, and partners have been unimaginable. We want to thank everyone that has and will continue to read, share, comment, encourage, and create opportunities for us to spread our philosophy.

You are loved.

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