I discovered a real, ugly truth and immediate threat to multimedia messaging worldwide.  Men sending unsolicited peen (penis) pictures.

So a woman was nice enough to give you her phone number, and within the first few texts exchanged, you send over a peen pic that she didn’t ask for? That’s the game?  This is the quickest way to have your calls un-returned, number deleted, and blocked.


What Are Women Saying About Peen Pics?

Some of the women I spoke to, stated that it’s not that they don’t like peen pics at some point. But some men send them before a true conversion has occurred. Some send them before the, “hey this is…” introductory text.  This is UNACCEPTABLE. You’re making things hard on us men who wait to send the peen pic. (kidding but not kidding)

I asked these women, “where did you meet these men?” Some stated, online dating sites, others, stated Facebook, or Instagram. That being said, a man who sends peen pics can come from anywhere. There’s no platform or venue where propagates their peen pics. Some men are just arrogant and bold enough to do it. And if you block or delete them, they’ll just move on to the next.

My Take

For the men that believe this is something women like, I wrote a top-ten blog about dating, and this was one of the main points I spoke about. So whatever, you do, don’t send a peen pic! I wouldn’t even send one if solicited for one. But if you do, make sure she asks for it first. Furthermore, I recommend waiting until the conversation has progressed before sending a peen pic (if you send one at all).

Also, I believe men send peen pics because a woman has asked for one. And in some cases, she asked at the beginning. So as a result, some men think it’s OK to send these types of pics to any woman. That’s a bad idea of course.

That being said, I believe, men who are looking for sex, or assume you want to hook-up, send the pic announcing their availability. It’s that simple.

Why do you believe men send peen pics?

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