Let’s talk about sex

Ever had that level of sex that is so good that you don’t even want to climax, you just want to hold it, and never let it go, like a kid with his ball?

Sex that is so explosive, it makes Mt. Saint Helens look like a 5th-grade science experiment.

You’re having an out-of-body experience and completely lose yourself like a kid in a mall?

The kinda sex that when you’re done you don’t know why, but you’re ready to cook breakfast at 1 am in the morning, just because you know he’d like it?

It feels so good, you feel like you’re in temporary love.

You mean that sex where you have to take a couple of days to get your life together, afterwards? That shit that have you out in public bursting out in random giggles and people think you’re crazy…yup been there – Dee Neal

Yes… that’s the type of sex I’m talking about. When you have forgotten to pay bills, study, feed the kids, turn in reports, focus at meetings, how to tie your damn shoes, putting on mismatch socks, etc.


Dating Someone That Is Not Intentional

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You know what I’m talking about, don’t play

The sex that makes you want to mow lawns with your hand, knock over mountains, run through brick walls, and marry them for the night?

When you get mad (like it’s yours) because he’s leaving, and taking the D with him.

Reflection begins

Yeah, right now you’re thinking of someone who put it on you like that… had your head spinning like the exorcist, spitting out saliva, speaking in tongues… your legs shaking uncontrollably like unbalanced tires.

You try to play it cool like you didn’t just get slain. But that dragon is laying down quiet af with no fire left.

But then it’s over

And you’re sitting there, like, WTH did I just do? Resentment. (or not)… euphoria or not…

However, once that release has happened, you fade back to reality. You lay there in a pool of sweat and genital fluid, basking in the mere pleasure of it all.

Contemplating a second or third round. Or, how you can make a quick exit.

I’m not saying, save sex for marriage (that’s up to you), and I’m not judging you. I’m saying, If you want to get married, what’s left for your spouse if you give it all to random people or someone who isn’t on the long-term-team?

Do you believe sex has an effect on you in the short and/or long-term?

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