The female dating experience is definitely unique. Each woman I’ve spoken to has her own story. Good and bad. Funny, and, well, not-so-funny. Kelsey highlights this in her blog post about her dating experiences and the different places to meet men.

drawing of a Female and male dating and holding hands at a movie theater

Tens of thousands of dollars later and how to navigate your early to mid-twenties. Regardless of employment, relationship, or financial status; life post-grad can be confusing as fuck. Here are some thoughts & rants on how to make sense of it all. DATING & RELATIONSHIPS Long story short (okay, maybe not that long of a […]

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The female experience


Kelsey speaks about the many ways you can meet a man when you’re in dating mode and the settings in which you can meet them. But not only that, she goes into the awkward situations that sometimes come up in those places. You have to laugh because as a man I often speak about women approaching men (because the man may not see you). Waiting on your knight in shining armor may get you nowhere real fast, a sad-face sticker, and a closet full of rusted armor.

In American culture it’s no-holds-barred. Go for what you know. So if you see someone you find interesting… well… you go for it! No needless waiting on them to approach you. Say….”to hell with this..!” And make your move. To the victor go the spoils.

Her post is not only colorful and entertaining, it’s downright hilarious.

I really laughed…

When the topic turned to workplace dating, I laughed uncontrollably.

Things can get pretty weird due to workplace policies, politics, or drama. I worked retail off of Michigan Ave for a while at a place that had 200+ employees and holy crap. The workplace dating drama and sexual tension in that building was… Gross. Sometimes it was cute… Mostly gross though. And remember if things ever go south… you have to still work with them for the foreseeable future. So don’t get me wrong, it almost never works out… unless it totally does.

female and male who were previously dating. Woman with long hair ignoring man with short hair.

I laughed the hardest at this part of the post because, well, we’ve all been there. It can be awkward as hell. Especially if it doesn’t work out. As soon as you see him, in your mind you’re like, “S–T!, here he comes.” (quickly bends corner to avoid him) Acting like you didn’t see him, knowing you looked him dead in the eyes.

Hilarious to say the least.

But what I enjoy most about this post is the organic nature in which she delivered the female perspective. It felt like I was having a conversation with a female friend of mine and her dating experiences.

Dating in Bars, clubs parties

So much to say about this one. My take? Bars, Clubs, and Parties aren’t the best places to meet someone you’d like to engage in dating. Male or female. It’s loud, you can’t hear, you can’t focus on the conversation because of all the distractions. Smoking, drinking, etc. Yeah… not a great scene to meet someone you’d seriously consider dating. But… It does happen. So I won’t totally discount it. Just saying about 10% turn into something real (OK I made that number up) but you get the point.

A personal dating account

When I was younger, I would go to bars and clubs hoping to meet someone. Yeah, that was a bad idea. Do you want to know how many women I met at these places that I actually dated? The answer looks like the number zero.  Every-single-time I just felt out of place. Like she had been approached by so many men that night, by the time she got to me, she was numb to the conversation and was totally tuned out. I’m looking at her, she’s looking at me like, “ok, what? Say that again!, I couldn’t hear you.” In my mind, I’m thinking, “this is some ole B-S.” This is why I don’t club. Plus she’s slightly inebriated (or totally wasted) and I can’t understand what she’s saying even if the music was turned off and the other clubbers all shut-up at the same time. She’s slurring!

Fun stuff (I’m definitely going back).

In conclusion, the moral of the story… wait until you run into someone at a supermarket or auto expo.

For the rest, I’ll let you read Kelsey’s blog post.