No… I don’t mean, “a greedy dog,” literally.
I mean someone frustrated with the dating process, and says they can’t find what they’re looking for. You want it all. Your cake and eat it too. However, what you’re looking for, is already within your grasp. You just don’t see it.

Sometimes we overlook God’s gift for us. It’s crazy because we make love so complex. I’ve even done it. But when you think about it, it’s rather simple. With all of our unrealistic preferences, expectations, and standards, with no real compromise… it’s no wonder some of us are still sitting at home alone binge-watching Power.

I’m never going to tell you to relax your standards so much that you compromise who you are. I’m definitely not asking you to put up with a bunch of crap from someone, just to be in a relationship. That being said, if we realize that what we want is already in our grasp (we need to change a few things about our views and outlook first) you may find your status change rather quickly.

I Used To Be A Greedy Dog

I talk to a lot of recently single people (men and women) and they are now in relationships after being single for years. What was the common denominator? It was them. They all said… “I needed to change, and open my eyes to someone new.” “Expanding my horizons (my search radius), and not limiting myself with so many preferences.” One person even said, “My standards were unrealistic. I expected way too much from the other person, instead of accepting the great things about them and working on the rest. Realizing that, I have my own shortcomings. Once I owned that the problem was me, my world changed. I saw the “steak” in my mouth and stopped looking for what I already had in my possession. I found it in my best friend.”

So, she had friend-zoned him for 10 years. While she overlooked him for other men who she, “preferred.”
Does this work for everyone? No. However, there could be a great guy/gal in your life, that you have overlooked, rejected, or not answered their inbox requests. Because they didn’t fit a template that you had created in your mind, you immediately blacklisted them.

Open your eyes, and see what’s in your mouth. It may not wear a size 4, make six figures be the best-dressed or live in the same zip code.