Remember those old-school love songs where the man said he would walk 100 miles, swim the deepest seas, and climb the tallest mountains to get to his woman? Well, that’s not too far from the truth when it comes to 99-year old Luther.

The Walk of Love

In this CBS News Report, Luther will walk 6 miles round trip every day to see his wife in the hospital. The conditions don’t matter to him. He’s out there, braving the elements — on a mission to see his wife Waverlee who is located at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Waverlee was diagnosed with a brain tumor nearly 9 years ago and has been in and out of the hospital for various other conditions as well.  Regardless, the walk of love continues, and Luther doesn’t let anyone or anything distract him from getting to his wife.

Without going into too much detail (watch the video) and donate to the GoFundMe account set up (by their daughter Lutheta) in Waverlee’s name, to help with her hospital expenses.


True Love

Let’s walk about it.

Is real love walking 6 miles a day to see the person you love? Or it is sticking by their side when they aren’t at their best? Maybe it’s forgiveness when they make mistakes, lie, or act out of character? Perhaps true love is shown when your partner has fallen ill. No matter, we all have different definitions and interpretations of love, and each one is unique. Basically, I’m saying that a 6-mile walk may not be your “cup of tea.” However, carrying the bulk of the financial load while you watch your partner grow into their purpose could be. It may be complete transparency, a gentle touch, or affirmations of your perennial love…

…Real love is relative

Distinguishable Love

You can tell the signs of real love by the actions of your partner. Real love doesn’t need proof, it just-is. It’s apparent.

6 universal commonalities of real love are:

  1. Intention
  2. Perseverance
  3. Sustainability
  4. Flexibility
  5. Accountability
  6. Patience

All the above walk 6 miles in a definitive affidavit. Of course, there are more… However, I believe these are the visible epidermis on the body of love.

When you saw the video, the first thing you thought was… “that’s real love.” You didn’t even question it.  That’s because of his intention. Luther’s actions:

  • Walking 6 miles round trip each day
  • The way he talks about her
  • The smile on his face when he speaks of her
  • The energy emanating from him
  • His motivation to be by her side


“That’s My Cup of Tea, and She’s Sweet Too”

No matter what your love language, you were able to feel his love.  The passion he has for Waverlee has persevered through ups-and-downs and sustained through all the challenges they’ve faced. We call that, “old-school love.” I have to laugh… even I use that phrase.  All things considered, it’s wrong. Some of us have jilted old-school love (and values) for more new-school beliefs. As a result, the divorce and “break-up” rates have never been higher.

According to the Washington Post

Marriage rates have declined steadily since the 1980s. Today they are lower than any other time since 1870, including during the Great Depression.”

If marriage rates are this low, one can deduce that relationship rates, and break-ups are at an all-time high. Staying power is at a minimum. Fleeing the relation(ship) the moment it starts to leak, is in abundance. So many people fall in love with the idea of marriage and a relationship, instead of falling for the person. Said people do-not want to do the work that a relationship and marriage require—they’d rather start over. As a result, end up in the endless loop of dating.

When I see stories like this, they inspire, and remind me of what real love looks, and feels like.

Be patient… [You] deserve that walk-love-love.

Do not settle for anything less.

I believe that love is complicated at best
And at it’s worst it’s a permanent burning in your chest

–Wale “It’s complicated”