Women have always been in control when it comes to love. Men are always in a position of reaction.

When women started lowering their standards for [potential] without a plan, men saw that, lowered their ambition and drive to pursue you.

Men also figured, well, she isn’t making me do much to make her my woman, so I will do the minimum she requires. This mentality spread like wildfire. Like a disease. As a result, you have many men who are content with the bare minimum.  They have become lazy because a certain demographic of women allowed it. [you’ve always had the control]

Control Yourself And Take Back Control Of Your Dating Experience

If you control yourself… meaning, if you push the bar back to where it used to be, men will react. We will have no choice but to change our ways or fall off. I know some of you are going to say… ”men need to do that without us doing anything.” I agree with that. Men need to be proactive and take steps to create a reaction in women as well. However, I am talking to you [women]. I want to show you the power you have. Even if you don’t see it.

The minute you gave in and relaxed your standards with sex, men stopped taking you out on dates, pursuing you, buying you flowers, and doing all the special things a gentleman should do. Whether you know it or not, 1 of a man’s top 3 purposes is to plant his flag [in your vagina]. Trust me on this. 80% of men or more are seeking to have sex with you. That is OK. It’s natural. Don’t be offended by it. However, that can’t be his only goal. When you relax your standards, settle for the least (or, if he has that good D) and you start forgetting that you had a goal to be in a real relationship, he’s not going to do anything else unless you regain control of yourself. He’s not going to move your relationship to the next level. That is his role as the man, but he won’t make a move [unless you re-set the expectation].


Women Should Never Submit To Their Boyfriend

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Make Us Work For It

Men will work for what they want. Trust me on this. If you control the want [you have] for love, [not hide it] but control it. He will see that, and react in a positive manner, or walk away  I’m not just talking about sex. I’m talking about everything you do. Letting him come over the house all the time and smash, but he never takes you out in public. He doesn’t claim you but tells you, “I’m not ready for a relationship yet, I just want to get to know you.” If he is still trying to smash during that, “get to know you, I don’t want a relationship” phase, he’s playing games, let him ride off into the sunset. (You have the control).

“When it comes to love…ladies you have the control. When you lose control, so do the men”

Lastly, think of getting in free before 12 at the club/lounge. Women get free everything at these spots. Why? Because it brings men. Men go where women are. We base a lot of our decisions on what you all think. Our hair, beards, cars, style of dress, careers, even the words we say and the way we navigate our lives.

“The minute you gave in, and relaxed your standards with sex, men stopped taking you out on dates, pursuing you, buying you flowers, and doing all the special things a gentleman should do.”

Take back control… and watch how many men change their entire approach. It might be painful at first, but it will yield better results than the tactics you’re currently using.

Remember, this isn’t about bashing men. It’s about empowering change in women. As a result, how we view and approach you, will be completely different.

Do you feel like women have control of the way men treat them when dating?

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